White balance read and write

When working with white balance you need to know about adjusting white balance, preset white balance settings, and manual white balance adjustments. White Balance is an aspect of photography that many digital camera owners don’t understand or use, but it’s… Continue Reading →

Portrait photography tips

Watch and learn how light behaves and moves. While indoors, use windows to either backlight your subject or light them directly. A curtain can be a great way diffuse natural light. When using a reflector, avoid lighting the model from… Continue Reading →


  Natural, clear, sharp, quality, composition, contrast, structure, frame, exposure, portraiture, edited, focused, enhanced, beautified

Word Art


In this collage I put together images that I feel represent me. Each of these images means something important to me. In the top left there is a picture of Michael Jordan about to dunk which is used in the… Continue Reading →

Framing a Subject

Manual, 1/60 sec. f/5.6 18mm ISO 1600 Manual, 1/60 sec. f/5.6 18mm ISO 800 I think my photos had good composition by using the framing technique. I believe I edited my photos well by brightening the colors and giving the… Continue Reading →

Action and motion paragraphs

How to shoot Action Sharp photos:

Action and Motion

TV, 1/60 sec. f/6.3 21mm, ISO 400 TV, 5/2 sec. f/22 23mm, ISO 400 1/500 f/4  20mm 1/2 f/8 20mm    

File formats

JPEG is the most known image file format, and it’s what many cameras use as the default output. JPEG files are compressed in-camera, and result in a loss of detail and quality. TIFF is commonly used in the photography industry…. Continue Reading →


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