Barbara Kruger Style

My goal was to give this a type of basketball feeling to it and I think I achieved that, so I would like the viewer to get a type of basketball feeling when they look at this as well.  

Travel Poster

I would like to travel to New York City again, as it is a very interesting city and filled with life unfamiliar to that of California. The city is very beautiful and at certain points and locations in the city… Continue Reading →


A Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) file is a lossy raster file format that compresses an image to make the file smaller. JPEG files are some of the most popular and widely used image formats in the world. Photographers can… Continue Reading →

Surrealism Collage

The idea I composed was inspired by the round 1 series of play off games between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Memphis Grizzlies. I wanted to make kind something similar to a poster to get people to watch the games.


It is the most famous home movie ever, and the most carefully studied image, an 8-millimeter film that captured the death of a President. The movie is just as well known for what many say it does or does not… Continue Reading →

Masters of Photography

The “Master Photographer” I chose was Ansel Adams. I chose his photography because of the landscapes he shot. The images he shot were very original and the nature shots he takes are exactly the type of nature photography you would… Continue Reading →


Portraits with Make up

Touch Series


Other Worldy Landscapes

In the first picture my first step was to adjust the brightness and levels of the image. I then changed the hue of the field to purple and aqua blue. I then changed the filter of the image to glow… Continue Reading →

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